Monday, February 24, 2014


Between Dave and Ella I barely slept.  I just couldn't get enough sleep and felt exhausted.  I kept going back to bed or trying to until about 3 PM but still never got enough sleep. I needed a longer stretch of sleep.

Usually Ella eats and falls asleep right away in the middle of the night. She might even do this during the day. Well lately she got in a kick to take an hour or so to fall asleep. It is just not so fun.  Sometimes she cries but mostly she doesn't. She is just fidgety and will start to whine in a position after a little bit so I had to constantly move her around.
Dave got some new headphones. They are a bit big for Ella.

I also napped at 7pm and 8 pm.
Too bad I got a second wind at 9 pm which messed up the start of my sleep

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