Monday, March 10, 2014


I think Dave was trying to use his computer before work. Well he was logged into work. But I distract him with Ella.
He tries to say I'm bothering him when I do this but he sure seems to enjoy it.
Ella has fun too.
Ella decided she didn't want to lie on her mat but wanted to stand. She's so big.

She sat looking in the mirror. She loves mirrors. I wonder if she will when she gets older.  I love them. So does my brother. My mom hates them.
Poly likes to rest on the changing table when I'm feeding Ella.
 I tried to get a pic of Ella in the mirror but I had to wing it and it was hard to figure out.

Around 9 PM my parents visited. Ella was already sleeping for the night but our commotion woke her. Most of my pics with my parents were in the nursery with the light super dim and no flash so they didn't turn out so well. Ella socialized for an hour or 2 when they arrived. She stayed up late. It was close to midnight when she went to sleep.


  1. Love the mirror pic. She does seem to enjoy it. I love mirrors but Tanner doesn't like them. He thinks they're creepy.

    1. I think I'm just vain and want to see myself.