Saturday, March 15, 2014


My parents surprised us with presents. Some were from my parents, some from some friends, and some from my Aunt. They were all so nice. The clothes are all bigger sizes so she has time before she'll be wearing them.  I really like everything. I was so shocked at everything. I was about to elaborate on different pieces I love but then in my head I was listing everything.

 She looks so grown up for 2 months old!
 I have more pictures on her 2 month update post.
I gave Ella a fork present to hold here for some pictures but I couldn't any good ones since I was holding out my arm. She was distracted because there were other people in the house.
Ella looks so small here. My dad was talking to her and she was looking at him. It was so cute.
Dave was doing his leg exercises and Poly thought that meant she could get comfy on top of him. As he would move, she would reposition.

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