Monday, March 17, 2014


 Ella's swaddle blanket turned into a little bubushka. She was so cute.
Most days and evenings we'd find Poly on my mom's luggage. She'd be sleeping on there at night. My mom said it was hard to get her pajamas out of there with Poly on it.
My dad and I went on 2 walks. Here's a picture from one of them.
Dave and Ella were having some quality time. Ella was getting some kisses from Dave.
Yet again Dave was doing his exercises and Poly was on his chest.
Here's a picture from the other walk. I'm not sure which walk was first. These pictures are out of order and it's too much effort to analyze picture times.  My mom had just finished making that hat.
My dad pushed teh stroller.

Ella was fussy but she tolerated her bouncer while we ate a little.
My mom made stuffed peppers.
My dad finished eating first so he walked around with Ella. She did fall asleep while he was bouncing around.
She was so fussy later. She was also so hot. After sitting in front of a fan for an hour she finally went to sleep. It even took awhile before she would start nursing. Her legs were cold. She was swaddled and the fan wasn't blowing on her head. She likes it too cold. It is going to be a rough summer.

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