Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I took 773 pictures and I didn't even do anything interesting.  I also went back to bed with Ella until 10 AM or maybe it was 11 AM.  The pictures on this post don't with the paragraph below like they usually do. I had so many pictures so I just threw a few on here. You can view more on my picasa. I also have a video I put on instagram.
Ella liked to look at pictures of herself. If it was a picture of something else she got distracted
Ella plays a lot more and sleeps a lot less. Now that she plays more I'm not spending as much time trying to get her to sleep. We just play. I can tell when she's had enough and then she eats and goes to sleep. She tires herself out doing so much stuff.
She rolled over back to front with my help. Then did it without my help. I tried to get video but then she wouldn't do it at all. So I stop paying attention to the camera and give her more attention and she rolls over a few more times.

She napped then played again. Playing included rolling over yet again! It wasn't just a fluke.
We went for a short walk because it was too sunny for her liking. Two out of the four directions I had to have the cover over the stroller so that the sun wouldn't get her in the eyes. Then she napped again.
The day flew by.  Dave got home around 6:15. Before he got home she was playing for about 20 minutes and she continued to play and then be awake for another hour or more.  I couldn't believe how awake and pleasant she was. At one point she started fussing but she just needed a diaper change.  I noticed she was unable to roll over on her activity mat but was able to on her yoga mat. By the time Dave got home she was tired out so I didn't think she'd try to roll and she didn't. So Dave missed out again.
After Ella went to sleep at 7:45 PM I spent awhile going through the pictures I took to filter out the blurry ones. Pictures are quite time consuming.
I tried to be selective going through the pictures and after 2 hours, here's my album.

When did my baby get so big?


  1. That's unbelievable, taking 773 pictures in one day. I haven't taken 773 pictures of my three kids yet, in thirty-plus years. Not even close.

    1. Digital cameras didn't exist back then so it makes it way easier to take lots now. But I think your digital camera probably only took 100 pictures in the 3+ years that you've had it. I don't take after you with pictures.