Monday, March 3, 2014

Breastfeeding (3.2)

There are some days that I feel like nursing consumes my entire day.  Today around 9 PM I told Dave that I nursed every hour today except once that was 1.5 hours (since 9 AM). I offered to show him my app and he didn't care to but decided to let me open it and look so that I would see it really wasn't as often as every hour.  Well it was every hour or ever 45 minutes. She was nuts today.
I pumped at 1 AM. I actually woke her up around midnight thinking she'd eat a normal amount but that didn't happen so I pumped. Then at 9 AM I pumped a little after that feeding.  The rest of the day she ate so much that I even had to use some of that pumped milk from earlier.  I think there were a few times I tried to give her the rest of the bottle but she gave up which is why she only had ~0.3 oz.

I wanted to run to Target today and run today but neither happened.

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