Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cute Videos (3.12)

I did this one first. I asked Ella if she would smile for grandma. I cut it off too soon.
Since I cut off the first one too soon.  I did this one.
Later when we were in the living room, I tried to do it again and get her to smile for daddy. She wasn't so quick to do this one. I think I got another video or two on my actual camera but haven't looked yet.  When I look, I may make a post if those are good. After these I tried to get her to smile for grandpa but she cried instead.

I liked these so much I figured out how to log into youtube on my phone to add them.


  1. I like using youtube for my videos too. These are so cute. Her smile is so big and beaming now.

    1. She's had a big smile with me right after nursing for awhile now but I never try to get a pic of that since I'm exposed. I'm glad I finally got to share the smile.