Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Outfits

I live in the nursing tanks I have just like the pink one above, or the 3 nursing camis I have that you will see further down.  When I wear the camis I always have a cardigan or shirt over them though so you don't get to see them so much.  There are many days missing from February. Those days I will be in one of the 6 tanks mentioned and in one of 4 pairs of athletic pants.

I broke out old athletic jackets so I wasn't always in my red hoodie. The first jacket I grabbed wouldn't fit over my belly though.

I wanted to try to wear real cardigans but most of mine are too short and the tanks stick out far too much. I did find this black one that I can wear instead of my yahoo hoodie if I want to look a little more put together.
I got dressed again and missed a picture. I couldn't actually wear jeans because they hurt the scrapes all over my knee.
This gray cardigan is another that I have that I can wear since it's not too short. I wish I had more.
I have on a nursing tank under that blue shirt.

I got dressed for real and love how I went to the side street. More people can see me take pictures but you don't see houses or cars in the background so I love it.
I wore a necklace!
This shirt I got from my mom back in October when I went home. It is 29 or 30 years old. I forget what she said. The sleeves are way too short so I just rolled them up and then it looks like I rolled them up versus being too short.  This is the first article of clothing I remember wearing that was my mom's. We wore the same shoes at one point or other back in the day.
I broke out a non maternity shirt. I got to wear a nursing cami under it and unbutton the buttons very nicely for nursing.
I ended up changing my clothes here early on after Ella got pee on my jeans. I had on a real outfit too. How sad.

Well there you have it. These are the days I got "dressed" in February and really sometimes I was in my pajamas but still took my picture. I always sleep in the nursing camis and nursing tanks with athletic pants. I may also wear them for 2 days straight or something.  It's hard to be motivated to get dressed because I don't leave the house. Sometimes after I shower, I think I could put on something real but then it makes nursing more difficult. Also with any jeans I've worn it's hard to get up and down off the ground without feeling like I'm about to moon someone.

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