Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dave changed the thermostat to 65 degrees from 68. He said if we don't make it colder in the morning it'll always be too hot in the evening.  But he goes to work so he doesn't have to deal with it.  The living room was 60 degrees when I woke up. Ella's room was 68 degrees but her room is usually 73. I hate how inconsistent this house is.
Ella woke up at 7:54 but I was up at 7:30. I pumped some. I was about to explode. She slept for almost 10:45.  About 2 minutes into the pumping she woke up. I was only going to pump about 4 minutes but I stopped. I froze the milk to help with a stash for later.

She ate a lot. Dave tried to say bye to her but she wouldn't stop eating to even acknowledge him.
I dressed her in warmer clothes to go out to the living room. It was even colder than I thought in there. After I heard her poop, we went and changed her then added a cardigan.  There was more playing.  Then there was more food and sleep. She fell asleep a bit after 9.
She woke up at 10.

While Ella napped, I cleaned up a little, pretreated the swaddle sack, changed Poly's litter, and did some dishes. The first 10 or more minutes of her nap were on me. She kept waking up so I sat longer.
I wanted to eat breakfast. It was next on my list but she woke up. I changed and fed her.

She fell asleep while eating this time. This never happens! Usually in the mornings she wants to play and be awake for awhile between naps.

Ella napped about 40 minutes. I ate cereal and relaxed at my computer. Even though my to do list was super long, I needed time to breathe. I actually have a to do list of stuff at my computer but I don't really count that. Even though pretty soon Dave is going to yell at me for not having done my Stampin' Up taxes. I should also review coding if I ever want to get a job.
We went for a walk and walked to Safeway.  I needed milk. I also thought of buying cereal bars. Plus lately my walks have been as long as the walk to Safeway so maybe I should make it productive.  I ended up buying some chips and butter too.  It was 1.7 miles round trip. But recently I told myself when I go for walks I should make them 2 miles so I can get some more exercise. My weight has been the same for the past 2 months. So I was going to walk to the end of the street and back.  Some people were out and I didn't want them to see me again so I did a loop and walked 2.2 miles instead. Ella didn't wake up as soon as we got home. I got the groceries put away and started heating up a bottle.  I was hoping to trick her. She ate not even an hour earlier so she wouldn't be starving. The bottle only had .5 oz in it.  She woke up when it was almost warmed up. I got her out of the carrier and finished warming it. Then she ate some of it without crying. She got about .2 of it down then wanted me. But she made it .2. That's good. So then I nursed. Then I gave her the bottle again. I didn't switch sides so the flow was slow and the bottle would actually be faster. So she was able to tolerate the bottle again.  There was just a tiny bit left that didn't even fill the nipple. So I'd say she managed 0.5 oz. So she wouldn't die if someone else gave her that much at some point. I just need to get this to be a better amount.  At 1:07 she was done eating.  We sat and hung out a little bit then went to go play. That did not go well. She seemed tired. I swaddled her.

I spent a good hour trying to get Ella to sleep. She was in super fussy mode. Nothing would make her happy. Some things just made her more unhappy. She cried when lying down.

I finally got her to sleep at 2:45. Well a little earlier but then it took a while to make sure she was out.  I finally got her in the crib and was able to eat lunch. I had leftover thai from a few nights earlier.  I made some 90 second rice to go with it since I wasn't a big fan of the noodles. I heated it for 88 seconds just because.

At 3:20, Ella woke up just after I got seconds. She sat on my lap while I ate. She was pleasant. It was nice. She ended up with a lot of my rice on her though. By 3:40 she was eating.
Around 4 she fell asleep. Well I fell asleep. I think she did too. Around 5, I woke up and my boob was hanging out and she was asleep. I went back to sleep.
At some point I had ella doing exercises with the belts
like Dave does to try to get a good picture. 
I was up reading my phone for a few minutes before she woke up. She woke up close to 5:45. I changed her and she ate. Then we were about to get up and play when I heard her poop. I was going to change her before playing but there was a mess. I guess in my tired state I put her diaper on a little crooked. Plus Poly was hogging the changing table.  I took off her onesie but before i got the socks off she stuck both feet in the poop. I decided, I might as well just give her a bath. She was very good waiting while I filled the tub.  She didn't cry at all. She wasn't all smiles or anything but seemed to like it. She ate after for a little. I guess she worked up an appetite. We played a little after. She got fussy almost right away. I went to change her and she seemed like she wanted to eat. So I started feeding her and about 5 minutes later she was asleep. She went to sleep for the night at 7:20.  Dave wasn't even home yet.
Cute Standing Legs

Dave went to Safeway on his way home from work. I told him I didn't know what he should get since I walked there already. He never asked me what I bought and I bought 5 things and he bought 2 of those things.  It was probably 8 by the time he got home. Then he cooked some cheesey hot dog things. We had those cut up with a loaf of fresh bread and butter.
That meant I actually ate 3 meals today. Lately I've been eating 2 but 1 of the 2 has been junk food. I can't even believe I had 3 normal meals. I even had cereal for breakfast.

I did some laundry and used the computer and before I knew it, it was 10 PM. I didn't think I took that many pictures but I took 130 on my camera and 409 on my phone. Wow.

Well Ella didn't go to sleep for the night. She woke up at 10:30 and pigged out then went to sleep.
I took pictures every half hour or so but since I wrote so much for a post maybe I'll do the half hour thing another day. I was just going to have pictures every 30 min or so to show a little of what my day is. Even though in a half hour I can do so much and sometimes Ella will be eating, then plays and stuff, and then eating for the next 30 min mark.

plank (sort of)
Ella enjoyed when I did pushups and a plank over her. Then Poly came to join. I wish I had go go gadget arms to get a good picture.  My plank became all angled trying to get a view that had all 3 of us. (This was earlier in the day but forget when so just tacked on the story at the end.)

There are more pictures on my picasa

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