Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I wanted to do something but don't think we ever got around to it. Dave spent most of the morning trying to put together his bike.
At 3:30, I had a Facetime call with my brother and a bunch of people at his house. I said it was a big party and he said a small party. There were maybe 7 or so people.  Ella was pretty good until the end when she got fussy and wanted to eat. She woke up at the beginning of the call and didn't get to eat as soon as she woke up.  We were on the phone a full 30 minutes.  Then she ate for about 5 minutes and I got on a hangout call with my family. She napped during that time. We were on for over 2 hours. She napped in the middle and was awake again. Dave was working on his bike for part of it.

Dave thought he finished his bike and went to take it out to try it and his handle bars were not tightened and he fell.

From all the videoing with people Ella was tired. She ate a lot and then went to sleep for the night at 8 pm.  I had dinner and watched some TV after that.  I went to sleep a little before 11.
We made a cake and when getting out ingredients to make the icing we found evidence of a critter.  There was a hole in the side of the cabinet and into the wall. We thought we had been hearing a critter in the wall. Ugh.
That was a full bag of flower.


  1. Kitty isn't doing her job, she's too busy hanging out with you and Ella! Show Poly where the bugger is, especially when you hear it, She'll take care of it for you, but the after-presents Kitty will leave you to express her love, are disgusting!

    1. Kitty can't get in the wall or in the cupboard. Not her fault. Now the hole is blocked too. So no critter in cupboards. Just in the wall.
      But we don't want Poly killing critters. We like nice kitty only "killing" ponytail holders.

  2. What kind of critter eats through the cupboard?! Eek!

    1. The cupboard hole was cut. Which is why it asked the landlord about it. He didn't know. When he got under there, he saw a water valve. So that's why a tenant sawed a square hole I guess.