Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ella has continued her trend of waking up a few times in the night but she finally ate then went back to sleep. It was nice not being awake for a long each time.
Once she was awake she took a 50 minute nap. That was nice. I thought maybe she'd be a better napper, but then her next 2 naps were both for only 17 minutes. She was on me for about 15 minutes of the first nap and 16 minutes of the second nap. She gets out of her swaddle and startles herself awake.
I was tired and wanted to sleep more but that didn't happen.
She played on her piano mat for awhile. I was able to fold laundry and put some things away in her room.
At 2 PM, I finally got to eat lunch when she fell asleep for a nap for real. I put her in her halo sleep sack that was still slightly damp so I didn't use it earlier. She actually kept herself swaddled.
Brenna came over. She came over 3 hours before the party. She had 10-15 minutes left to finish the onesies she's started. She didn't start finishing the onesies until after the start time of the stampin' up party and it wasn't like nobody else was there. I still get upset thinking about this! It's a wonder anyone puts up with me when I get annoyed over so many different things.
I had a stampin' up party.  Ella helped. I planned it for early after work so that we could be done before Ella is in nonstop feeding time. Well I didn't check with Dave first and he had a late meeting so we had to craft with Ella for a bit. It wasn't so bad.

There are more pictures.

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