Friday, April 18, 2014


The morning started off normally but then we went out around 11:30.
Ella said to try this on. I got it
We headed to the mall to go to JCP. We went to other stores too. Then we got lunch on the way home.   We were gone around 4 hours. Ella napped about 20 minutes of that time. She didn't nap in the car. She cried a lot on the car ride home.   We got home and I fed her, then she fell right to sleep. She slept for 2 full hours! She woke up, ate for 10 minutes then went back to sleep for an hour!  Then she ate for 10 minutes again and fell back to sleep. An hour into that nap we woke her up. I thought for sure if she slept anymore, I'd be up all night with her.
We woke her at 8:20.  She played and had fun (and ate) until she went to sleep at 11 PM.  (She didn't wake up until 4 am so that was nice to me)


  1. Cute top. Love the picture of Dave and Ella. Glad you got some sleep.

    1. Thanks. I love so many pictures of Dave and Ella. I wish he would take some of me with Ella so they weren't all selfies. Oh well. I like the accidental coordination of both Ella and Dave wearing blue.

      Ever since we did the 1 arm swaddle she just doesn't sleep as long. Then she might sleep 8 hours but she usually sleeps 6 so then I'm up before she is because I just have too much milk. I can't win.

      I'm glad I was able to exchange the top. That's the one I bought a medium instead of the small that I have on in the picture. I had taken both to the dressing room.