Sunday, April 13, 2014


I planned to go to a meetup group so I had to drive Dave to work.
Ella was asleep 2 minutes before I had to wake her to put her in the car. I knew it was a bad sign.
Then later I had to wake her from her nap to get to the meetup.
We get there and start walking and she starts crying. I need to find a bench to change her. She had pooped a ton. I thought she'd be OK but was not after that. She was OK if I held her but not if she was in the stroller. I turned around and left.

I think Ella was hot. Even though the 1 year old had on clothes, a jacket, and a sleeping bag, that did not mean it was cool enough for Ella to wear pants.  After I changed her diaper/clothes, I did not put pants back on her but it was too late.

The direction we were walking with the group I had to have her cover up because the sun was in her eyes. When we turned around the sun was not in her eyes so I didn't have to have the cover up.  She got happy. She was an angel. She started to fall asleep. Sigh.  So yet another nap messed up because I had to get her in the car.
She slept when we got home.
I went for a run and even though I just fed Ella this is what I returned to. Dave said she was starving.
Poly likes Ella's bouncer.

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