Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ella was up a few times in the night. Then she barely slept.  We went to recycling, Chick-fil-a, and Target. She didn't sleep there either. She slept on the way home and stayed asleep a little after we got home.  At Target I tried to replace my slippers that I hate but the biggest size slipper was too small for my foot. I don't even have huge feet. I want a slipper with a back so there was only one option. I guess I have to keep looking.
Even though she didn't nap when we were out, she was still behaved. She only got fussier the last little bit of Target but I knew she needed a diaper change. Dave got the last few things and I headed to change her diaper. We were done just as Dave was paying. The cashier loved her. She also mentioned how Ella looks just like Dave.
She got home and napped a little in her carrier.  I fed her after that.
Then she slept for 2:55 for a nap. Purely amazing. Probably because she barely slept.   After she woke up, I fed her then she helped Dave with the taxes. Then he took a break and sang to her. She loved it. They bounced around.
We went for a short walk near dark. That short walk ended up being 2 miles. Dave had on flip flops. He also completed the entire walk without his back hurting which is quite an accomplishment. Dave also petted a cat on the walk.
Dave and Ella hung out  more. She played more.

She went to sleep for the night at 10 PM.  I'm not sure when I went to sleep. Sometimes I joke that I need this app for when I sleep and eat. I think it'd be so funny to document that.
Here's an example of what Poly does often. She goes on Ella's mats. I think to try to get attention since Ella is always getting attention on them.


  1. Awww what a nice little day as a family. I love how your hair is styled in the first gif. Very cute. And of course Ella is always cute. I once took a 2.25 mile walk in flip flops and regretted it. My feet were killing me at the end.

    1. Thanks. I've been pulling it back some but down when I leave the house. I hate it up but at home that's more convenient. So my hair sucks most of the time. I never wear flip flood. If i do I wouldn't even try to walk a quarter mile. I like my foot secure in a shoe.