Monday, May 12, 2014


Ella woke up at 6. Then after eating and playing she went to sleep again. This is common. But the uncommon part is that she slept until 9 and thus so did I.  Then I fed her and hurried to get ready.  We had to take Dave to work then get to the meetup by 10 am.
We got there at 9:50 and I decided to try to feed Ella in the car before meeting everyone.  There were 3 moms total. We were walking. Ella was trouble again. I ended up having to change her at the same bench that I did last time.  This time I brought the Bjorn but then she hated that too. It was so hot and sunny. (We borrowed the hat.) There was a lot of little crying. Then she went to sleep. Since she was asleep I didn't take the one cutoff. Then of course she woke up again and was crying.  I didn't stay for lunch.  Ella was fine and pleasant once she was out of the Bjorn and in the shade of the back of the car. I almost took Ella into the cafe to show everyone how pleasant she was. At least the one mom was at the park so she saw Ella so pleasant there.
Ella hated the walk so much that she got home and then slept for 2 hours. She woke up and ate for 10 minutes and then slept for another hour.   Too bad I spent a lot of time resting up so I wasn't productive. My back, leg, and butt hurt.

Once Ella woke up we went to the post office. I mailed 3 packages. Ella started to get fussy just as I made it through the line.  We got home. I fed her. Then left to go pick up Dave. I wanted to go right from the Post Office but Dave didn't get back to me that he was done.
After we got home, I did dishes for awhile while Dave played with Ella. She had fun moving from sitting to standing and touching the ottoman.

We got Pizza Hut for dinner.  I watched some TV while Ella slept.

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