Thursday, May 15, 2014


Ella woke up near 5:30 instead of 6:30 so then she went back to sleep before Dave woke up. Then he left for work minutes before she woke up. Poor Ella didn't get to hang out with him before work.

We walked to Safeway before lunch. I bought some groceries and 2 donuts. I ate them both on the way home. We were walking. Sometimes it was a little challenging to push a stroller and eat but that was mainly when I was trying to take selfies at the same time.

I can add pictures to my snr site again so I did a few of those while Ella played on the floor. We still have to get a lot working with this site.
We were trying out the jumperoo. I don't use it often. She's still a bit little for it.
I had ella lying on the ground while I emptied the diaper genie. Within a few seconds she shimmied herself out. She actually moved the closet door. It's one of those that is attached at the top and slides from the top. I'm going to have to baby proof soon.
Dave read her a book. This was the first pic I took. All other pictures she was looking at the camera. She'd pay attention to the book until I tried to take a picture then she'd have to look at the camera.

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