Sunday, May 25, 2014


Almost every morning Ella gets to hang out with Dave in bed. Many days he's still asleep most of the time or half asleep.

I went to the dentist in the morning. A filling I had previously was sinking so they wanted a 15 min appointment to fix it now versus needing a long appointment and needing to be numb later.  Since the appointment was so short I took Ella. The hygienist last time said to bring here even for long appointments. Well I disagree with that. She didn't like being ignored when the dentist was with me and started to cry. The dentist had to yell for someone up front to come walk Ella. As soon as the other person showed up and said hi to Ella she was happy. She just wanted attention. It was a super quick appointment though.   Ella did cry on the drive home. She didn't like hitting rush hour traffic.
Ella should already be wearing size 2 diapers but we have so many size 1 diapers that I'm trying to finish up. Well she went through 5 outfits because of blowouts. She really does need the size 2 now. OK maybe it was 3 outfits for blowouts and then one onesie had poop on the outside of the shoulder so I had to change that. I'm still not sure how that poop got there. I did give Ella a bath after the last outfit change.
Ella and Poly had to share on the changing table!
Ella played with her piano. She wasn't as interested in just playing this time. She would try to bring her feet up from under it to put them up on the keyboard.

I played Ella's favorite song for her but then she was disappointed Dave wasn't there to sing to her. I sang (yes... me) a few lines of it to her. She loved that.
When Dave got home, Ella was so pleasant we went to dinner. We went to get cheesesteaks. We took the Bumbo. That was great. She likes to sit up and hates having to be in her carrier. I also took a sippy cup with some milk so while we ate so could she. She didn't even seem to want to eat until our food was at the table. She could probably smell it. It was a super successful restaurant trip. Our only better one was a time Ella slept the entire time.


  1. She needs better taste. She needs to learn about polkas.

    1. Nobody plays her polkas. I only play her lullabies to try to get her to sleep. Doesn't work well. Or that one song because PB bought it so I can play it for her