Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April Exercise

I posted in February and March so I decided to keep it up.

In March my goal was 15 miles. I didn't have a set number of runs I wanted to do it in.  I ran 19.73 miles.

I felt like I went on fewer walks this month but really it was more. I did the plank challenge only missing 1 day
I only had 1 day of no exercise. That happened because there were a few rest days for the plank challenge but on all but one I did other stuff. My fastest mile split is 9:53 so far. (It was during a 2.03 mi run and the second mile was the fastest.) I broke 10 minutes a few times but not consistently. I ran an average of 11:11 with Ella which was my best so far with that. On my spreadsheet I have noted if I'm pushing a stroller or not but I didn't display that. Each pace over 11 minutes was with Ella.

I've attached a screen shot again above of the details of the runs this month.

Last April was when I was getting lightheaded and had to stop running before the month was over. I ran 25.06  mi last April.

I've been running almost 3 miles more than my goal each month. These are like bonus miles just like I get bonus seconds as I'm running with my Garmin.

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