Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Ella rolled over on video a few times!

Ella napped better in the morning than normal but probably because she was up for 2 hours around 5am.  Then later in the day she napped horribly. Around 5 she napped well again. She woke up and hung out with Dave and then went back to sleep for the night.

I took quite a few videos.

I wrote the above ages ago. Just look at the pictures for what went on.


  1. She has grown so much since these were taken. Her legs look much longer now. This is back when she discovered her hands and used to hold them together. I almost forgot about that.

    1. Me too.
      I almost back dated this. Found it in drafts but thought you might want to see so didn't back date it.

    2. Also you will be happy to know the cords in the background aren't there anymore.