Friday, June 13, 2014

4.28 Not Professional Photos

Since we had a failed photography attempt, I decided to try to take some pictures of Ella on my own. I'm impressed with how they turned out.
Sometimes Ella's facial expressions are just so darn cute.  I'm still trying to get her used to looking at the DSLR camera. She's good at looking at the phone or my little camera. But mainly with my DSLR I have to move my face out of behind the camera to get her to look. The bad part with that is then sometimes my aim ends up way off.
I did a little photo editing. I didn't do much and don't know how to do fancy editing that photographers use.
I also only have Photoshop Elements now so some things are hard to get used to.
This headband was worn for the photos in the front yard. They were taken a few hours after the other photos.  
I prefer the flower headband over the other one. I think it's much cuter to photograph. I meant to put it more off center but I think sometimes when she moves it shifts so it looks a little too centered for my liking. I wish she had more hair to be able to use other barrettes though.
There are some more photos and in some of them you can see how I had a white afghan on a purple bean bag. It's just a small baby afghan so sometimes the bean bag showed.

What do you think?


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    1. I'm impressed. Then again Ella is extremely photogenic! With all the photos you take and post on here and FB, I never get bored. Thanks!