Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I ran with Beth at 8:30. I was so tired. Since our power was out well into the night I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Even though the power came back on at 3 AM that did not mean that the baby monitor was up and working. I kept waking up thinking I heard crying. One time it was just my own breathing.  I woke up about every half hour. Ella slept through the night! I was even up before her and pumped one side first instead of doing it after.

I took a little nap when Ella napped in the early afternoon.

At 2, we went to the park. It was so hot. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got there.  We stayed only about 10 minutes shy of the full 3 hours. That's the longest we've been there. I think we were there the longest of anyone. We were the first ones there.  Ella did nap while we were there. When we were leaving, we were waiting to cross the little street before the railroad tracks and a train went by. Ella got so scared that she cried a little. I told her it was OK. She stopped crying but had a scared look on her face. THEN a train had to come from the other direction. She didn't have time to recover. Poor Ella is afraid of trains up close and personal!
Ella and I went to Google for dinner. It wasn't good. So then we got McD's on the way home. Ella was crying the entire drive home.


  1. Oh I have so been there with the baby monitor not working and then waking up thinking I hear crying. That is the worst sleep.

    I love the picture of Ella sleeping on your chest. And her in the hat is cute too.

    1. I'm so glad I captured Ella sleeping like that. It hasn't happened since. All the moms thought it was so precious. The hat is much too big so it lacks in looking as cute as it could.

      That sleep was awful. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to. Dave slept normally since he never wakes up for her.

    2. I feel like it happens to me way more often than it should. Also once you are used to a video monitor and you can't see them it is just AWFUL.

    3. So sometimes the app breaks on my phone but I have an iPad by the bed and it has worked on that every time. So I haven't been without it at night. One time during the day it wouldn't work on any device. I needed to unplug it. I just stuck to the office and blogged instead of going into the living room so I could hear. Then you know what... I forgot to unplug it so then the second nap I also had to deal with not seeing.

      I take screen captures all the time of her sleeping. I don't share them. Also after she wakes up I take a few while walking to her room. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. At my parents it was so difficult for me to not see her. We had audio monitors but no video. It practically drove me nuts.

    4. Our video monitor is just a cheap one but maybe for the next kid we'll do like you and connect it to interent/ipad/etc. I like the idea of being able to access it and take screen shots. Your picture is clearer too.

    5. We never even set ours up to work from wireless outside the house but we could.
      Ours is pretty nice. Finding an app that I like is another story. I like this one but it seems to always break on my p hone. Other apps have you hear noise all the time. I just want to hear if it's above a certain point. Also it gets too loud then I have an alarm (door bell sound). It's the best....when it works.

      All this talk of a second kid lately.... even if potential second kid. Wait a year or 2 (or 3) and we can be second kid buddies.

    6. The way things are looking, we probably will have to wait a couple more years. So maybe!