Saturday, June 28, 2014

6.26: Surgery

I woke up before Ella. I didn't sleep well. I was trying to get some stuff done in the morning. Dave was watching her and they were playing and she hit her head off her toy. She cried and cried. Put me behind. Finally I got a shower and nursed and did last minute pumping and we were out the door.
We got to the surgery center at 9:40. They called me back almost immediately. I said bye to Ella. (I forgot to say bye to Dave.)

My BP was 126/71 and weight was 140.1.

I had to change my clothes into a gown. I put my belongings in a bag and waited for someone to come in. I couldn't handle the lack of clock. Also I didn't have a phone or anything.

A nurse came in to ask questions. The dr came in during this process and drew lines on my neck for where he'd make the incision. I couldn't see the marks because there was no mirror and I didn't have a camera.

The anesthesiologist came in and spoke to me about a difficult airway. He thought by looking at me that I might have one.  The nurse finished asking questions. These people would ask the same questions. They just wanted to be sure. Questions like the last time I ate or drank anything or if I'm allergic to medications.

I got my IV. She was going to put it right at my elbow but then said if there were complications and they had to turn me at all, then having it on my wrist was better so she did that. Wow did it hurt while she was poking me. I even had a good vein and everything. She said they do hurt more there.

A different nurse came in to take me to the OR. I talked to him about the lack of clocks. We passed 2 on the way and 1 was in the OR. They said 10:30, 10:27, and 10:31. Then I talked about how their clocks weren't the same time. I think the nurse thought I was nuts.

There were a few nurses and the anesthesiologist in the OR. They were getting set up. The anesthesiologist was asking for some extra things in case I had a difficult airway. I moved to the OR table.

I remember being talked to about how he was giving me something to make me sleep and then nothing until I woke up.

I had to go to the bathroom. I remember telling them that. I was told the doctor would be in in 10 minutes to talk to me. Then I vaguely remember getting in a wheel chair. As I was being wheeled down the hall, I remember talking about how it'd just be a little trickle and a waist their time. Then I went and it was a decent amount so I said good. I don't remember washing my  hands. I wonder if I did. I also don't remember getting back to my room either though.

I was talking to the nurses about how I could see sort of clearly straight ahead but my peripheral vision was still all fuzzy from the drugs. I talked about how I was probably like what being drunk is. I kind of wish Dave was there at this point so he could have told me later now nuts I really was.
Later Dave showed up. I mentioned the doctor had to see me still. They said he DID talk to me before I went to the bathroom. I got dressed and put on my bodymedia fit.  I had Dave take a picture. My bodymedia fit was off my arm from 9:53-2:37.

I was wheeled out in a wheel chair. I got home and remember walking into things like I couldn't walk straight. Sachi said Ella didn't cry. Then she went off to work. I'm not sure if she was there 1 minute or 10. I was quite loopy.
I sat on the couch and held Ella. Dave handed her to me then took her back after a little. She just needed to see me.
I remember sitting on Ella's rocker while she was on the floor with Dave. She was happy. Dave said she wasn't that happy the entire time I was gone. (OK I remember this better because I have picture evidence.)

Ella went to sleep. I thought she'd sleep for a long time since she only slept for less than an hour with Dave when he took her for a ride.  She only slept an hour again but I think she woke because she had the most full diaper ever. I was still loopy but Dave said it was full to capacity with poop. I tried to take a picture and he said I was nuts.

After Ella woke up, we sat on the floor and hung out.   Then we hung out in bed. I think Dave put her in bed. We propped some pillows on the other edge so she wouldn't fall off. I read her some books. She loved it.

When Dave would pick Ella up, she'd cry. She'd think she wouldn't see me anymore.  It was so sad. She was so distraught from her day.  We hung out in the office later and Dave was holding her and she was happy. I sat beside them. I asked Dave if they came into the office while I was gone. He said no. I knew it because she was happy and other places she was with him she was not happy.
Dave fed Ella dinner. I stuck near by. I'm pretty sure by this point I was less loopy. We let Ella pick which food to eat.
When I ate pie, Ella was distraught until I held her while eating. She just was so content sitting on my lap that I sat there while we watched TV even though I was done eating.
Dave mainly moved Ella from point A to point B but I carried her once in late evening. I sort of had her flying or horizontal so she wouldn't get my neck.

Ella went to sleep near 8 PM and actually slept the night. She was exhausted from her day.
I was looking at my phone pictures and saw a picture of me being wheeled out. I have no recollection of it. I'm even looking at the camera.  I asked where the nurse was that was pushing me. Dave said she backed out of the shot.
I wasn't ready for bed so early so Dave and I watched the first 2 episodes of big brother.  Then we headed to bed. I couldn't figure out how to get comfortable in the bed.

I took my antibiotic. I didn't take the prescription pain medicine. I only took Tylenol since it wasn't that bad. I took some Tylenol before bed too since the nurse recommended pain medicine before bed.
I woke up in the night a few times so stiff and I had trouble getting comfortable. Also Poly woke me up too.

I should have Dave write about my day. I was so out of it, who knows what actually happened.

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