Thursday, June 19, 2014

Citrus Lane June

We got our second Citrus Lane box. I like this one much better than the May box.  For the second month in a row, something in the package was like something I already had.  The Wet Bag is similar to something I already have. The one I already owned is much thicker. I haven't really used it yet. I put a dirty diaper in it once. They are both waterproof. I'll have to give them a try once we start swimming and stuff.  Ella was napping so Poly helped me open the box.
Here's the descriptions of everything and pricing if buying each item.
Wet Bag from Bumkins - $9.86 (different print) I realized the one I already have is a diapered wet bag and more expensive)
Wee Seahorse from Wee Gallery - $19.95
Fruit Teether from Innobaby - 6.99  (or a different variation on amazon)
Baby Bee Cream to Powder from Burt's Bees - I got 2 .5 oz containers. a 4 oz tube is 7.99 - $2
Stage 2 Hearty Veggie Meals from Plum Organics - $2.50 (estimate based on various variety packs and on amazon they charge shipping but at a store they wouldn't)
Special Offer from Third Love $20 off a $40 purchase

The total is $41.30

We have a ton of creams for Ella and haven't had to use any yet so I'm not sure how beneficial that will be. The food will come in handy. At least this time it's food for Ella and not me. If Ella was older the snack from last time might have been for her.

Ella is teething so bad and I like to have teethers around the house so I'm really glad we got another one.  I think the bag will come in handy even though we haven't used our other one yet. I think the Seahorse will be nice for Ella. She likes some stuffed animals. I'm writing this before she plays with it or anything.

The final cost to me was $17.76 for the box since I signed up with a discount and signed up for a full year. If you want to sign up through  me you can use this link. You will get 50% off your first box and I'll get a $20 credit. Just so you know, when I signed up the deal Citrus Lane was having was better than half off the first box so if you want it, maybe you can find a deal like that. (I ended up not using my friends link because of that deal. She also blogs about her packages if you are curious what someone a year older than Ella gets.)

She loves the teether. She woke up from her nap before I got to insert the pictures so I had opportunity for her to play with it. I didn't give her the Seahorse yet.

Update: The food costs $1.50 not $2.50, Jen's blog helped me out there.


  1. This does seem like a better box. I can't figure out why they would have sent crackers last time considering her age group. The teether and seahorse are both really cute. I like that Poly is in the box :)

    1. I could have had each photo be larger if I didn't include Poly but I figured she was too cute. She liked the confetti in the box.

    2. Oh and I already lost the teether somewhere in my house!

  2. This box sounds better than the Bluum box - I've been doing Bluum for Oliver and I have yet to like anything they've sent me. My subscription will be up in another month and I think I'll move over to Citrus Lane instead.

    1. I never even heard of Blumm box.
      But this one was better than last month's.
      Do you have any posts that had your Bluum box?