Monday, June 30, 2014

June Exercise

I made my June goal even with the bad start to the month and the bad end. (The beginning had no excuse. The end had my surgery.)  I ran 31.7 miles this month which put my total at 100.86 mi for the year. The only 2 runs without pushing a stroller were June 2 and the 1.08 mi on June 15 (label says June 14 but didn't change it)

I had 2 really good runs there near the end. I'm running further at runs now. It feels hard but manageable. Also it's warmer now when I'm running. If I run when it's cool it's so much nicer.

So far this is the first month that I didn't fill out my workouts on a printed out calendar. I also felt less accomplished this month. I think there is a correlation. I used strava on walks. I use nexercise to track my exercising too but I never check that log.

From now until the end of the year each month my goal is 30 miles. If I sign up for a half marathon that will change. I almost was signed up for one but I did not make the Nike Half Marathon Lottery.
Update: Should say 2014 not 2013

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