Monday, June 16, 2014

May Exercise

I've been posting each month so I figured why not keep it up.  This is a little bit late but I'm still posting.
I was rocking May and hit my goal and then didn't run again! I didn't mean to. Ella wasn't cooperative and I was busy doing a few other things. May 11 is the only time I ran without pushing a stroller. (I'm not even counting May 4 the half mile since that was after the 2.42 and I had to cut it short because I was limping.)
I've met my goals each month so far this year. (Note January had a goal of 0 miles because I wasn't cleared to run yet.) Now I feel like my goal has to be at least 3 miles over my initial goal. My June goal is 30 miles. I really increased it. I made all of these goals before I even ran 1 time this year. I just knew I would have to take it slow. I also knew I couldn't run with Ella in a stroller at first.

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