Sunday, July 6, 2014


Ella woke up in the night. She was actually crying for awhile and for some reason I couldn't hear the sound of my app. She got so fed up and was moving all around and turning over.  Then she woke up early. After that I stayed in the chair with her and let her fall back to sleep on me. I still felt bad from the middle of the night.
We went to Babies R Us and Target. I'm really liking that Ella takes a sippy cup. I just have to remember to bring some pumped milk. I bring a little cooler that came with the pump. She was able to drink while we were at Target. She only needed a little help tilting the sippy cup at some points or other.
On our way to leave, I noticed a piece of my camera display screen missing. Now the edge is sharp. I have to be really careful with Ella. It's still under warranty but I want my replacement camera before mailing this one in. Amazon just gives a gift card so I can order one first and just use the gift card for something else. I can't be without my camera.
For a long time Dave played music and sang to her or at least had her bouncing around to the music. She loved it.


  1. What ended up happening with your camera?

    1. I have the paperwork to mail it back. Then I get an amazon credit. I'm a slacker so never mailed it back. If I had a padded wnvelope I would have already mailed it. It's been sitting on my nightstand over a month :(

    2. Been there. Never enough time in the day.

    3. Since I was traveling I bought the new camera first. If I was without a camera I would have sent it sooner.
      Also Dave did the form stuff for the warranty and I'm not sure what all I have to send back. Do they need the cord or charger or battery? Dave never told me.