Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Everything was the same old stuff except Ella and I wore our coordinating tank tops. It was a little chillier so I could put Ella in Pants so then she could wear the tank top. The tank top is size 12 months so I knew it'd be a little big but it got really big as the day went on.  Ella would not cooperate with pictures though. We tried.
It got a little chilly so I put on her cardigan. She also got some poop on her pants so I had to go with the only pair in the diaper bag. The pinks clashed a bit.  (OK maybe I got the poop on her pants when changing the diaper. I don't usually have to deal with a loose garment.)
Here are some pictures of Ella eating.
She's so happy. She's also messy.
I've swapped onesies a few times on the wall so I figured I'd show what it looks like. (As I type this it is different again.)

There are more pictures.


  1. I like that mermaid onesie. She's so happy about her food.

    1. I'm impressed with the mermaid one because it wasn't a pattern and she didn't trace it. Dave's step sister is very good.

    2. Now I'm even more impressed by it. That's so cool.

    3. Ella has actually worn it but I'm behind on blogging. Soon you will see it.