Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ella had some issues again.

I went running. Well, we went running. Another runner passed me twice around this one block. We were going the opposite way. She saw my BodyMedia fit and turned around and talked to me about it. She has one.  We ended up running about a mile together. We ran to her house and got paper and pen and exchanged info and then ran to my house. I may have a running buddy. She works part time. I'm hopefully going to run with her on Monday. She runs with someone else too. I will have trouble. They run at about a 10 minute pace and I haven't even done better than 11 while pushing a stroller.  I was telling her how I've been told I need Data Anonymous because I'm so obsessed with data. I started telling her about my Regression graphs in R and the data I keep about who I run with and where I run. She said I sound like her!   She was wearing a BodyMedia fit and a fit bit. She did not have a garmin watch on though!  (We've started running together about 2x a week!)
I gave Ella carrots for her baby food today. She seemed to love it.

Ella napped about 2 hours.  She was pleasant some but was also difficult at other times. She didn't roll all over the floor. She didn't even want to lie on the floor to play.
I  went to take a selfie before I ate my leftovers and Ella pulled my plate closer and was like this when I could see the camera. The picture is blurry because I was moving to take it away as I snapped the picture.

Ella finally fell asleep around 10:30 PM. She goes to sleep so late.


  1. That's awesome you found a running buddy!! Now I want pizza. Your pictures always make me want food.

    1. I take pictures of my food all the time but feel like I rarely post them!

      It is awesome. It helped my June miles so much. I could run 2 times a week with her and 3 times every other week but I've done 1-2 times based on conflicting appointments and such.

  2. It's Great that you found someone to run with! You amaze me with your energy.

    1. Thanks. I don't know about this energy. I'm pretty exhausted a lot though.