Monday, July 21, 2014


 Ella woke up at 7. I fed her and we played with Dave and she went down for her first nap at 8:45. I went back to sleep at this time too. I didn't fall asleep right away. Hearing her on the monitor woke me up  at 10:25. I looked at the app and she had been up since around 10 just chilling in her crib.  I enjoyed my nap.
I fed her then put her to play on the floor where Dave would play with her/play his video games. I loaded up the car with recycling and broke down the boxes. At 11:25, I was done with that. I can't believe it took so long.  I tried to feed Ella quickly then we left. We went to recycling and with a car full of bottles we got $25 for it. I hate the CRV.  It's so much effort for so little. It's been over 6 months since we took bottles to recycling.
 Then we went to Chick-Fil-A. Something was going on there. I didn't quite figure it out. There was a person in a huge cow costume. The cow never came near our row so I don't know how Ella would have reacted. Ella enjoyed her little veggie sticks and puffs. She had fun while we were eating. She made a mess though.
 We went to Target next. It was in the same plaza so Dave walked over with her and I drove. Dave beat me!  We had Ella sitting in the stroller but after a few minutes she was fussy. She was overdue for a nap so I went and got her stroller.  She made it in the stroller until we were almost done and we were browsing and looking at all kinds of stuff. I took her to the car to nurse while Dave shopped in the last couple rows then paid. She was done nursing about 30 seconds before Dave got to the car.  She fell asleep on the way home.

After we were home, I emptied every garbage in the house and swiffered the floors. Cleaning sure took longer than I thought and it always done. Then it was 3:20 and I decided to play on my computer a little.  Shortly after Dave and I decided to watch TV. We get a minute into the show and I realize she's awake.  She watched it with us. She played on the floor the entire time.

I fed her baby food puree. She was messy so I figured we might as well give her a bath right after. She's such a big girl now. She has been using the bigger size of the tub for a few weeks now but she really sat well herself this time. She also splashed and played more than she had been.  Right after the bath, Dave was trimming her nails. On her last nail, he got some of her skin again. She didn't even cry but it bled a little. I kept pressure on it and Dave sang to her (while he played Minecraft).  Then it was close to 7 so I thought she might want to eat and take her normal 10 min 7 PM nap. She did! She actually napped about 20 minutes.  Then we ate dinner and watched a TV show. We just hung out.  She sat on my lap for most of dinner since she was unhappy alone on the floor.  I gave her some finger foods, veggie munchies, for her to pick up and eat. She did eat a bunch but also dropped a lot on the floor.
I thought she was tired but she didn't really want to eat. She didn't eat nearly enough so I couldn't put her to sleep.  After some hanging out time and playing her song for her she ate here or there enough to go to sleep near 10 PM.  Then Dave and I watched TV in the Living Room before going into bed where I blogged and he watched some Bacon Donut on Twitch TV.


  1. You are looking so skinny!

    How do you get Ella to keep sunglasses on?

    And the one picture it looks like she's doing a leg raise.

    1. Thanks. I'm still not where I was

      Dave was teaching her hoe they help her see better and it's the first time she kept them on.

      She does look like she's doing leg raises.

  2. I was just coming here to say the same thing Jen did. You look great!