Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 11-20 Outfits

 I decided to give this Forever 21 shirt a try. I wasn't sure if it would fit over my still big belly. But It looked alright.
If I remember correctly, I was going to Safeway so decided to wear some sleeves even though it was hot out. It's always freezing in that store.

I did get dressed between 7/13 and 7/17 but no daily pictures. I even left the house some days.
This is a maternity tank that I wore once. (I wore it on October 5) It was cheap ($5.98) but I need more wears out of it.
This is another maternity shirt that I thought I could wear. I think the ruching makes my belly look even bigger than the normal shirts. (But also holding Ella makes my belly look larger so it's hard to really get a direct comparison.)

 You can see I'm becoming a real slacker with these daily pictures.

I wear my hair the same daily so Ella doesn't pull it. I also wear my jean shorts a lot because I just love them so much. The black shorts are a big high waisted and I'm not as big a fan of those.  I really wear the same clothes quite often. I have a large closet full of clothes and a lot are tight around my belly and so I just assume the other ones are.


  1. Back when I took my weekly weigh in photos with Parker it was amazing how just me holding him made it look like I was a lot bigger. I also remember not being able to wear my hair down/necklaces for fear of hair pulling.

    1. Ella even pulls my hair when up. She grabs Dave's hair too. She grabs everything she touches. There is no gentle touch yet hopefully soon so she can quit terrorizing Poly.

    2. Yes Parker was the same exact way. Grabby grabby. Your hair looks nice that way, though. I like it.

    3. I've always hated my hair up but it's growing on me

  2. I've thought the same thing about maternity shirts! When I was pregnant I loved the ones with ruching on the side. But ever since then they seem to emphasize my belly.

    BTW in the first set of pictures the way you're standing is pushing your belly out I think. ;) I know you still have a little belly but it's definitely shrinking and you look great!

    1. Thanks

      I actually have old shirts with ruching that aren't maternity but haven't even tried them on yet.

    2. I'm a little curious about them but think they are still too tight so that's why I haven't tried them on.