Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Exercise

I worked really hard the second half of the month to hit my goal. My goal was 30 miles and running over 5 with Beth on the 30th really helped. I was too sore on the 31st to run again though.  This month was tougher than June. June I just slacked but here I was not allowed to run at the beginning and then when I was allowed my neck held me back. My neck would start throbbing and I'd have to quit. Sometimes it was worse than others. My neck did last longer the more times I went out to run so that was good. Sometimes just slowing down to a 12 minute pace really helped.

I ran 4 times this month without pushing a stroller. Two of those runs were after Ella went to bed and there was still a touch of daylight so I went running.   I ran with Beth twice and Tiffany three times.  I only ran with Kathryn one time all month and that run is the most convenient but Ella didn't cooperate and she went on vacation so it was only 1 time. I started a Monday run meetup on the mom group. This past Monday there were 4 moms and 4 babies. It's a fun time.

July was also a tougher month because it was so hot. I either had to run in the morning or in the evening. It was even too hot to run by late morning.

I didn't use my printed calendar for workouts at all so now I forget what all I've done. In addition to running I did at least 1 core workout and I went on a bunch of walks. Oh I also lifted weights once and lasted all of 6 minutes before my neck was throbbing a lot. Then lifted again today.  I found my calendar and I also went on my bike once this month! I guess I did a variety of workouts but I was not consistent.

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