Monday, August 11, 2014


Ella woke up around 3 AM. It took 45 minutes or so for her to go back to sleep. Then she was up for the day at 6.  She went back to sleep a little after 7 for an hour.

We went for a run around 9:30 and Ell fell asleep in the last few minutes so I walked for 10 minutes after.

Ella was very needy. I think she got so much attention in PA that she just wants attention now. I was starving and didn't get to eat. Then a little after noon when she went to sleep, I didn't do anything I wanted to do and just napped. I napped almost 2 hours. She napped almost 2 hours!

We played and hung out.
At 5 she took another nap for a little less than an hour.  Then we played for a long long time on the floor. She was so happy. She had fun rolling around and playing with her toys.

Dave got home after 7 and she was just getting hungry and not wanting to play a lot. I wish he had gotten home earlier but he kept getting busy at work.  I nursed Ella a little and then we had dinner.  Dave sung to Ella. She loved it. She missed that.  I can't believe how her face lights up when he was singing. Ella finally went to sleep for the night around 9:15 PM.

Since my pictures are out of order just enjoy them below!


Ella loves her mirror



  1. Love the picture of her looking in the mirror and giving kisses.

    1. Thanks. Those are my favorites too! Well I love it when she's holding the cup too.