Sunday, August 3, 2014


We hung out at home, went to the mall, went for a walk, and went to Mad Mex for lunch. I also went for a run while Ella napped.  I don't think I met up with anyone. I think we tried but it just didn't work out.

The pictures aren't exactly in order since I had issues with the camera times. I did spend a long time trying to get them close. (Probably too much time.) Also, on my album some pictures are there 3 times. I just didn't have time to go through them all.   Ella was just learning to sit and she would topple over with all the distractions everywhere so we'd put pillows around her to help her out. She enjoyed playing.

 We put her in the exersaucer after she got bored with the floor. She loved that thing.
My dad was using his laptop. Ella wanted to help. He opened a word file for her to type in it. She kept going back to Excel though. I thought it was funny because Excel is a much more fun program with all the numbers.

My dad also wondered what was on my blog so Ella looked at it with him.
In the car on the way to Mad Mex / Monroeville Mall, Mike was reading and Ella just kept watching him.
Mad Mex
We went to JCPenney to get some clothes for Dave. The selection is better in PA than CA for some reason. Ella helped holding this nice purple T-shirt. Ella also liked to look at herself in the mirrors.
I was with my mom shopping for Dave then we went and looked at baby clothes. I was going to shop for myself last. Well before we were done with the baby section, Ella started to get fussy. Around this time Mike and my dad joined us.
While I was finishing up shopping, Mike took her out of the stroller and held her. She loved it. He held her while my dad got in line to pay.
Ella liked to eat her foot while in the car seat
Ella helped open her own presents.
Ella was trying on one of her new headbands. She got it as a gift on the 1st but never tried it on.
Just look at this foot while she was eating!
My dad was watching Ella on the Exersaucer and I gave him a pillow. I think he fell asleep but he claims he was awake.
5:30 PM
Ella really enjoyed her walk. It was also nice that it wasn't sunny so she didn't have to have the canopy out.
Ella was constantly working on crawling. She'd get her butt up. Most of the time right after this she'd push it up a little more and end up pushing herself right over.

Making this post it just had me wishing Ella could hang out with everyone again. The pictures that did me in were when she was helping on the computer. I'm not sure why those were what caused it but they did. Ella sure likes computers and so does everyone in my family!


  1. Loved the computer pictures, too. And that she opened Excel :)

    1. She must have alt tabbed to excel or used the mouse. It was open but in another window. She must like numbers like her mommy :)

    2. Parker pushes buttons on my phone/laptop and does things I didn't even know were possible. I'm always like, "How did you just make up a shortcut?!"

    3. I know! Ella opened up this thing of shortcuts in chrome or in gmail (I forget) and I was in shock and read them and didn't know half. Too bad I forget what they were. I need her to open it again!

      I also learned on facetime that you can move the little box of your own face because ella moved that to a different corner.