Friday, August 8, 2014


Ella got a bath in my parents' kitchen sink. Ella went to her first library.  We visited my aunt and uncle. In the evening, Timmy stayed up late and took lots of pictures while we all hung out. It was so fun but Ella did get overly tired. (oops)
This was in the morning after Ella woke up. I have similar pictures of Ella with my dad holding her at the table just like this but she's in a different outfit. We changed her outfit when we bathed her.

The bath in the kitchen sink was a little awkward. Ella used my hooded towel after.  I brought a wash rag but also used an old wash rag from when I was little.
After the bath I cuddled with her to warm her up using my afghan from when I was little.

2:30 PM
Ella went to a library for the first time. It was Norwin Public Library. We saw a few people we know.
Ella tried to grab and rip this book after the picture was taken. She needs cardboard books but I just picked this up quickly.

3:13 PM
Ella was asleep in the car so we drove around more. Then we stopped for ice cream. But as soon as I got in the car she woke up and just looked at my ice cream longingly.
5:23 PM
Ella was napping on her stomach!  She will turn over and turn over again. She will also sleep on her side. But rarely if ever do i catch her actually sleeping on her stomach.
Ella played with some toys at my Aunt's house. This was taken in her living room but then we went into the spare bedroom/toy room and she played with a lot more. She played with one stuff animal that was my cousin's when he was little. He's 29 years old now.
I really enjoyed having some "free" time while my dad fed Ella. Too bad I spent most of that time taking pictures each day.
Ella wanted Mike's glass. She was so cute about it too.

10:40 PM

It started to rain so we went out on the porch to enjoy the rain. I never realized how nice rain was before. Well I do remember sitting on my grandparents' porch enjoying the rain when I was younger but this felt nicer.  It was fun to hang out too. Timmy also took a lot of pictures so of course that was fun.  Ella would pull my hair or try to eat my face and then the little focus light would go off on the camera and she'd stop and look at the camera so there wasn't evidence of her being anything but a perfect little angle.

12:01 AM

Instead of spending another hour to try to get these pictures in a better order, I'm posting it.


  1. Her eyelashes are so long and pretty. I love that purple shirt/onesie. It's so cute!

    1. Thanks
      That purple onesie is one of my favorites. It's nice and long. And I like the words too :)