Sunday, August 10, 2014


Ella's first night back she went to sleep 1 hour early. Then she woke up 1 hour early. Not bad for 10 or so days 3 time zones away and having no sleep for a couple nights dealing with airports. I would have had a solid six and a half hours of sleep if it weren't for Poly being annoying and meowing to wake me up.  I wasn't accommodating her enough.

She was up over an hour then napped.  After her nap she rolled around and practiced crawling. Then I read her 2 books.

She napped. We played.  Same as always.

Ella was touching my nose while on the changing table. I decided to explain how it was my nose. She let go. Then I pointed out my mouth and chin. Then asked her to touch my nose. Then she kicked me right in the nose. Not sure that counts. Was probably a fluke.

That's all I wrote for the day and it seems the rest of the day was just the same old stuff.

I wish I knew why I was pouting.
It was hot!


  1. Wow her little red face! :(

    1. It doesn't get that red when she's just sleeping often but it does. Too bad she won't sleep without being swaddled. Swaddling adds extra heat!

  2. Ella's red face is just like her mommy's face at that age in the heat. And we didn't have A/C in our cars back then. Thankfully, the house had it.

    1. Poor both of us.
      See here we get cooler in the car but at home we don't run our A/C because it costs and arm and a leg so then she's hot at home.