Monday, August 25, 2014


Ella woke up at 6 AM. She ate a little then went back to sleep on me for about an hour and 20 minutes. I slept too. That was nice.
Then she napped on our run. She was going to fall asleep first so I took her for a walk prior to meeting Kathryn. I walked .9 mi. Then we ran 2.53. Then we walked 1.15 mi.

Ella and I played.
I walked some frozen milk over to a mom I know. She lives .3 mi away.  I have too much milk in the freezer and I was about to look into donating it. But then with donating it, you have to go through some steps and get blood work. It all seemed like trouble. I was actually hoping another mom said she wanted it.  I gave her a few bags to see if her daughter drinks it. If so, I can get rid of a lot more.  Ella finally fell asleep but it was on the way home. Luckily she stayed asleep getting into the house. She slept in her stroller.

My running friend gave me some clothes and toys today. The clothes are 3T and 4T so it will be awhile before Ella fits into them. Some of the dresses are so fancy. I have no idea when Ella would even wear them.  There are lots of sweaters too. Maybe Ella will want sweaters at some point. Now she likes tank tops.  There were 9 pairs of shoes in the mix too.
Ella is a terror to Poly but then Poly comes back over to visit sometimes.  I had my leg as a barrier between Ella and Poly so Ella could relax. Well Ella used my leg to go from sitting on the ground to standing. I couldn't believe it.   A half hour later she was lying on the floor and I was trying to reassemble her water cup and I look down and she's sitting untying my shoe. She's always surprising me. I still want to see her go from lying to sitting.
Ella napped at 5:30 too. She was falling asleep as Dave got home. She slept until 7. This worried me but she went to sleep fine.  I got to eat dinner without holding a baby.
I spent tons of time talking on facebook and google hangouts after Ella went to sleep. I can't believe I didn't blog at all. I'm so behind on blogging! I did sort through emails and my inbox has 100 more emails archived now.


  1. That dress is so cute. Too bad you have to wait so long til she fits into it.

    Parker is a terror to our cats and they put up with it, too. I'm always telling them, "Run!" and they just sit there and take it. It amazes me.

    1. I just showed 1. There are many. Check them out in the album with all the pictures. The smallest is 18 mo and the largest 4T if I remember correctly.

      Sometimes Poly comes back for more! I don't get it. I think Poly just wants some friends.