Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Ella woke up at 6 again and I didn't hear her until 6:25. She's good at being fairly quiet in the morning.
She ate, we played, we woke Dave up. You know, the same stuff.   She napped a little before 8 and woke up by 8:30. I figured this was going to make the day suck.
She put the blankie on herself like a burp cloth
We ended up moving my Stampin' Up party until Tuesday so I didn't have that to worry about.
My doctor appointment ended up starting and ending way early so I wouldn't have had a thing to stress out about. There was also no traffic.
This circled above for over a half hour.
Ella started napping shortly after the doctors so she would have napped during half the party too. Bummer. I knew if we moved it, everything would have worked perfectly.
But since we moved the Stampin' Up party, Ella and I were able to go to the park.  Ella made more friends.

She fell asleep on the way home but I was very careful and got her to stay asleep getting in the house. She napped for almost an hour in the stroller in her bedroom.
Then she ate and played until bedtime.

I didn't put her in the crib right away because she was tickling my back. Well more like my shoulder but it was nice.

I put her in the crib and she immediately cried but then she fell asleep minutes later. It was the first night she woke back up minutes after that. She fell asleep for good 22 minutes after I put her down but she slept for 10 minutes in the middle.

I spent forever trying to find something to buy Dave for his birthday. I had ideas but just couldn't find anything available.


  1. LOVE that last picture! What a doll!!

    1. I always get such cute pictures of her with the hat. Too bad she rarely wears it.