Saturday, August 9, 2014


Poly is under the mat
Ella woke up at 7:30!
Then Ella wouldn't nap so at 9:15 we went to the park to meet Gio and her daughter Lily.  We were there almost an hour! It was fun.
Ella seems like she wanted to steal the shirt right off of Lily!

I can't get over how cute they are.  I'm so glad I took my good camera. Both girls stopped playing a few different times and tried crawling off the blankets.
I thought for sure Ella would nap when I got back. She was tired.  She fell asleep on me but only while nursing at the same time. If I stopped her, she woke up.  Finally she was able to not nurse but when I put her in the crib she woke up. Maybe that counts as a 20 minute nap.
Ella's toys are neat!
She wouldn't sleep until 1 PM. She was exhausting me. I also had a Stampin' Up party at 1:30 to finish cleaning up for and to get snacks ready for.  I guess at least with Ella's timing she slept through the entire party.
Ella pulls my basket closer to the chair and picks up everything in it. She tends to throw things in the trash. Well here she got my Nutri Grain box and then dumped everything out.

Ella woke up and played a little but was fussy so we walked to Gio's to give her some frozen pumped milk. We ended up staying way too long. Ella had fun playing in her living room/dining room.  Ella loved a new collection of toys. At one point Ella was sitting and then fell over. I mention to Gio that she does this often but then can't sit back up on her own. I guess to prove me wrong Ella sat back up!  It took a few seconds but she got up. I was impressed. She also crawled a little bit with her belly in the air instead of army crawling. I think Gio's house might motivate Ella.   I sent Dave a message at one point to tell him to let me know when he was leaving work so I could head home. His response was that he WAS home!
We ordered pizza for dinner.  Ella had banana and loved it. Ella also had steamed carrots for the first time. I thought she ate 3, which was all Dave made, but after I got her out of the high chair, I learned she had dropped 1.5 carrots in the chair. She enjoyed the carrots but had to be reminded to chew. I would tell her to chew and make chewing motions with my mouth. Ella for some reason thought this was hilarious.
Ella got food on her dress but instead of changing her clothes, I just took off her dress and had her wait until nighttime routine to get her nightgown on. Ella was such a nut. She put that blanket on her head and "watched" TV.

Since Ella lacked 2 of her 3 naps today we started her bedtime routine 30 minutes early. She fell asleep right on me. She was asleep by 8!

I sat at my computer after she was asleep and 2 hours just flew by. I caught up on some email and looked at some pictures.


  1. Parker's always proving me wrong when I say he doesn't/can't do something. It's a running joke in our house.

    1. Maybe I should just talk about how she can't do things more just to see if she'll start doing them.

      I still have only seen her get up from lying this 1 time but I know it's happened quite a few other times. I'm usually distracted with something and then look up at her again and boom she's now sitting like it was nothing.