Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Body Comparison

I've had an idea for a post like this but then I never finish doing it. This will just be a preliminary one and if I get to the other stuff that's in my head I will.
The other day I decided to make a collage comparing what I wore the day before and another time I wore the same shorts. I made this collage over 2 weeks ago but am a slacker at getting to the rest of my post.  The old picture isn't my  normal daily picture. Dave snapped those while we were walking to get donuts. I did have some similar poses so I used them.  The turquoise shorts are tight now and awkward when I have to move around but at least they are able to be buttoned. It's hard to tell in a black shirt. You can't fully tell how thin I was before and you can't fully tell how big my belly still is now.

My weight on 7/6/12 was 124 (no data on 7/4 or 7/5).
My weight on 7/24/14 was 137.8 (I hit 136.4 on 7/6 and fluctuated up and down more and less and it just happened that 7/24 was up)

The closest measurements I have are from 3/25/12 and from 8/12/14.

My waist is .5 in larger now. If I had a measurement around my belly button it would be a lot larger now.
My  hips are 1.75 in larger now
My calf is .25 smaller now

Current numbers
waist: 29.5
hips: 37.75
bust: 34.5 (pretty empty)
thigh: 21.75
bicep: 10.25
calf: 13.5
belly button: 34.5
ribcage (or whatever you'd call it just below your bust): 28.5

I took some pictures in my weekly pregnancy update outfit but haven't even looked at them to do a crop or collage for some comparison. I will do that next. I have numbers from various points over the past 7 months and from various points in the past 4 years. I want to finish making a table to look at them. I will probably post that too since I'm not shy about numbers.

So there you have it. I guess this is installment 1 of different comparisons I want to do. What do you think?


  1. I still love how these turned out so similar being nearly 2 years apart exactly. It's great you can button the shorts. I think you are looking good. Funny that your calf size is smaller now.

    1. funnier that my calf size is smaller now and I STILL can't get skinny jeans over them (that I own)