Saturday, August 16, 2014

Citrus Lane August 2014

We got our 4th Citrus Lane Box. Since I was so unhappy last month, I changed Ella's age in the system. So they think she is almost 9 months old instead of almost 8 months old.

We got to choose between a Turtle or a Pig on Wheels. I had no preference so I asked Dave and he said the pig.
Here's the descriptions of everything and pricing if buying each item.
Woodland Growth Chart from Petit Collage - $18
Animal on Wheels from Green Toys - 12.99
Single Packin' Smart from Innobaby - $10  (I can't find the price for just one. To get any amount individually it'd be $14 or so but I'll just put this at 10 since that would be for a few tiers)
Snuggly Lotion from Episencial - $6 (8 oz is 11.99 on amazon so for 3.4 oz it is 5.10. I think I found 3.4 oz for 6.31 but no picture to confirm)
coupon code for 15% off

Total: 46.99
This was the first month I had Ella open the box. I peaked first.
She loved the tissue paper. After I took that away she cried. Then she liked the tag on the pig. Then the lotion. Or maybe it was the shredded cardboard.  She won't let me take away the lotion container now or she cries.

I like the pig and the snack container. I didn't use the snack container yet to know if it useful or not though. I still like June's box the best. I think May is 2nd and August 3rd. July is still the worst.  The only thing is in May and June, I got something that was a repeat of what I already owned and this month I didn't get any repeats. That might make this was a little better since I don't have doubles.  I feel like I should give away the lotions and creams I always get. I own so many and don't use any of them.  This is the most expensive box by numbers but this is the first time I couldn't find an exact thing and this time I guessed at 2 based on size difference.  This time there were 4 things. I think in the past I got 5 but one thing was really small like baby food.

Did you get a box and what was in yours if you did?

Update: Citrus Lane did shop the box and they had a few prices.
Growth Chart - 19.95
3 Tier stackable snack container - 14.95
Animal on Wheels - 12.95


  1. I haven't gotten my box yet but I hope we get that little snack container. Based on what you have gotten and their shop the box list I think I'm going to get some repeats and probably not be as happy with this box. We'll see though!

  2. Never seen anything like that snack container before. Why didn't they give you more tiers? I don't think that's very fair. It sort of defeats the purpose.

    1. They want us to get hooked and buy more I bet. But I actually like the size of 1 in the diaper bag. Ella doesn't eat a ton but I don't like the snack containers we do have.

      Usually we get travel sizes of lotions so I bet this is a similar idea to that. I have yet to try one of the lotions. I haven't used this snack cup yet because I keep leaving it on Dave's desk from when I showed him!

    2. I love our oxo brand snack trap. I recommend it to everyone. It's awesome for when they are getting themselves their own snack.

    3. We have Munchkin Snack Catchers but when I put Ella's snacks in and give a little shake they go flying out. Almost every other mom has them and I give theirs a shake to test it and theirs are fine so I don't know what's up with mine

      Can you link me to yours?

    4. We have the same one- my problem though is Neil stuffs his hand in and grabs out a ton of the snacks at a time and then drops them all over. And proceeds to eat everything off the floor.


    1. It's my fave because it screws on, not snaps on. Therefore, Parker can't unscrew it himself and make the snacks go all over the place. He'd purposefully pop the others open to make a mess.

    2. Thanks. I saw another mom with one of these but didn't ask her about it. Sometimes with 18 people at the park I don't get to talk to the person with the thing I see.

      I just added one of those to my cart. I figure for 6 bucks I can try it out. Especially since we will be having snacks for awhile to come so it'll be worth it.

    3. No prob. I hope you like it as much as we do. Parker still uses it all the time.

    4. So do you put snacks in the diaper bag?
      I like some snack containers that have a tight seal but then something can be removed for kid to eat snacks. I'm afraid of food going stale. I see the one you linked has a nice travel cover. That is better than the ones I have too. But the ones I have did come in super handy as a cup cup for Ella when she had bad teething.

    5. We put snacks in our diaper bag but usually in a ziploc bag. (Cheerios really). I also always have a pouch or two in the diaper bag.

    6. I had Cheerios in a ziplock twice and both times the ziplock tore. So I guess I need to use tr freezer ones not the cheaper snack ones we have. And Ella has dumped out the ziplock when I was distracted when talking to a mom.

    7. We put the snacks in the oxo cup and then stick it in the diaper bag. I like that it has the clear cover on it so if he doesn't eat the snacks they don't get stale. He's never reached in and thrown the snacks everywhere like Neil (thankfully). I've not been impressed with ziploc bags either.