Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sleep Training: More Details

Last time I posted, my table included when I put her in the crib and when she went to sleep.   I had some data from before of when she stopped crying and I've tried to keep track so here is an update.

The highlighting is based on each column so 15 minutes might not be the same color on both sides.

Most of the earlier days I wasn't marking down as much details. I don't know if days I didn't mark were short or long crying times. I went back to fill in the data too long after the fact.

Many days she will fall asleep and then cry for a few seconds then go back to sleep and repeat. I only count it as being asleep after the final falling asleep. Also I don't count that as no crying either.

Typing in the data of when crying stopped made me feel a little bit better about it.  Too bad I didn't document when it's loud crying I can hear from the wall or when it's crying that I can only tell she's crying based on the sound line from the app.

I can't bring myself to stop taking notes each night. I want to but can't.

I still haven't put her in her crib to fall asleep while awake if she hasn't already fallen asleep on me. I tend to wake her up putting her down in the extremely low crib but she she was already asleep I will leave her and tell her to go to sleep. I have yet to put her in fully awake though.

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