Thursday, September 11, 2014


I told Dave Ella's feet are huge so then he put his foot up there. I immediately said that Ella's feet were tiny.
I went to Shoreline and walked with Puja.
I love this picture. Luckily I'm quick with my camera or I would have missed it. I even sent it to Timmy and he liked it.

When Puja ran in to get water, Ella and Gia were both holding my fingers so I had her snap a pic when she returned.

 Ella likes to be in the air. I think she's a dare devil.


  1. Parker has huge feet. We had a hard time finding him shoes as a toddler. Now that he's getting bigger his feet aren't as thick so it's easier. They're still long though.

    1. I was comparing at the park yesterday to 2 older girls. Ella is 2 mo you get but her feet looked bigger. I was looking because I remembered this post.