Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I woke up at 7:30 when my alarm went off. I set it because I had to get to bootcamp by 8:30. Well when it went off, I checked Ella's app and sure enough it was broken. She was awake and crying. I hate how I can't hear her without the monitor. I wish I knew how long she was awake for.

Ella was never so lovey dovey and wanting me in the morning.   I had to leave. Ella was not happy.

While I was at bootcamp Ella was miserable and crying. She wanted to sleep but wouldn't without nursing. Dave said it was awful. The only time she wasn't crying was when he gave her a bath. He tried to give her milk from a sippy cup. He fed her food too.
Bootcamp was challenging for me. I went to one in May. This one started the same with a warmup. The warmup was tough just like last time.  I think I liked it last time better. I was very fatigued this time so some of the more challenging steps I just noticed my form going to crap which I didn't like.  Last time there were two stations between warmup and cooldown. This time there were 3. We did chest first then legs then cardio. Or at least that's roughly what I think it was. I wish we did resistance running.

I got home and nursed Ella and within 2 minutes she was asleep. But then after 15 minutes I went to put her in her crib and she was awake and not sleeping.  Then she was no nap Ella until after 1 PM.   She napped for 3 hours which was nice. I was so exhausted that the first 1.5 hours I didn't get anything done then I decided to nap.
Before Ella's nap, Dave cooked. We let Ella taste some string cheese for the first time. Then Dave wanted to give her pepperjack cheese. She loved it. I thought it was spicy. Then Dave let her try some bread with sauce. She loved that too.
Once she woke up, Dave got his shower. We decided to go to the store. I can't believe Ella was up a full hour before we actually left. He never understands to be ready for when she wakes up. That hour was a wasted hour. We gave her toast while we ate to try to hold her off so I actually would get to eat.

We went to Target. Then we went to Trader Joe's.  I wore Ella in Trader Joe's. Dave ordered his pizza from Slice of New York and it'd take 45 minutes. We killed some time riding around which sucked. Ella was fed up. She cried after we got pizza until we got home.  We were gone 2.5 hours. She didn't get her normal meal. At Target she ate yogurt and Cheerio snacks. We ruined her routine.

She went to sleep shortly after we got home. It was past her bedtime.  Dave and I watched Divergent. Then we went and read in bed.  I was already starting to be sore and his calf was still hurting.


  1. Poor Ella wanting mommy :( It's so hard to leave them when they're like that.

    1. And I rarely leave. I've left for doctor appointments (rarely) and for 2 workouts