Thursday, September 18, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:30.

We woke Dave up at 7:10 but he was mostly asleep for the first half hour. He'd even turn over to snooze his alarm.

Poor Ella is teething. At 8:30, I gave her Tylenol and she finally fell asleep for her nap at 9:30.  I napped at the same time.

Ella was so happy when she woke up. She's always trying to pull herself up when playing now. This leads to her face planting a lot. She got 2 different red marks on her face from this.

At one point when I was trying to nurse her and she wasn't having any parts of it, I decided to tickle her back. It's more of a super nice rub with finger tips. She was arching her back like it tickled. I asked her if it ticked and she said "uh huh" so cute-like.  A few seconds later I just did that same tickling on her upper back and she loved it. She'd just stop squirming and stare and drool would start coming out of her mouth. I stopped and restarted a few times and she would just stop and stare off. She loved it. It reminded me of me. To this day, you can rub my back and I'd start staring and I may drool too!

I fed Ella banana, cheerios, and lil crunchies while I ate my lunch. She sure eats fast. Or maybe I sure eat slow. I think she was halfway done with the banana before I even sat down with my lunch. I gave her lil crunchies and more cheerios just so she had something to eat while I was still eating.

I got Ella to take a second nap! That should be the norm but lately it has not been.
Since I got Ella to take a second nap, I knew she would be pleasant at dinner time so I told Dave we should go out. We went and got cheesesteaks. Ella was in fact pleasant. The high chair didn't have any straps but Ella still stayed put.    

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