Thursday, September 25, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:45.  Well she woke up earlier but that's the first I heard her.
I put the yellow onesie on her first but then realized I now have onesie extenders so I dug out the 3-6 month ones and put them on with the extender. Still a bit wide!
We left to run with Beth at 8:30. We hung out on the blankets afterwards.  While there I saw 5 different moms. I couldn't believe it. They were all there with their kids. I saw 1 mom with someone I didn't know at the start of our run. Then I saw 2 running later. Then near the end we saw two starting their walk.  I guess it was a popular place.  Ella napped for 3 minutes on the run.   Beth and I were both feeling like we didn't want to run but neither said anything until the end. We got an impressive 9:50 pace for 4.04 miles!   Ella was complaining the last mile unless I fell behind Beth a little so she could see her. Then she's happy. Ella is so funny.
Ella's cardigan is a little short!
I cleaned a lot.
Ella napped for 20 minutes but only while on me and while nursing at the same time.

I finally ate lunch at 3 PM. I gave Ella cheerios at the same time to occupy her.  Ella is having a growth spurt.

I did a google hangout with my mom for about 45 minutes.  Ella was moving around less because she kept going after the computer. My dad missed the hangout again because he was doing something with work.

After the hangout, Ella ate and went to sleep.

Dave got home at 5:30 with some coworkers to watch the Steeler game. He was screaming at one part and it woke Ella.  She napped for less than 2 hours but shouldn't have slept much longer anyway.

Ella didn't recognize Dave and then cried when he held her. Poor Ella. She took to the guests because they let her hold water bottles!

Sachi came over a little later to see Ella.

The pizza showed up really late. We were supposed to eat by halftime and it didn't even show up until half time was over.   Ella shared some pizza but also had some fruit and Cheerios.  As soon as she was done eating, we did her bedtime routine. She only cried for 1 minute in the crib but it took her about 25 to fall asleep. I'd think she was asleep but then she'd move.  An hour after that I swear I hear Poly crying from the baby monitor. Sure enough she was. She was in Ella's room with the door closed. Poor Poly. I also wonder if that's why Ella kept moving after I thought she was asleep.  As soon as I let Poly out, she immediately went to her litter box.
The last day Poly's food was kept on the floor.

I put the pictures at the end. It was easier.


  1. I love the Steelers onesies, both of them.

    Is Ella copying Dave when she's in the high chair? That's so cute!

    1. She does copy him. I should take some video to show. When he eats she copies too.