Friday, September 12, 2014


Ella was awake for 40 minutes before I heard her. Really I never heard her and Dave wondered why I was still in bed and then we realized. I feel bad for Ella. She was very forgiving though. It'd be another story if this happened all the time.
At 10 AM, Ella and I went to a stamping meet and greet that I co-organized. I was going to take Ella since Tobe was taking Arthur. I wanted Dave to do a few things while I was gone. I only told him one thing because usually I give him a big list and he doesn't do anything.  Tobe didn't end up bringing Arthur but it still worked out well. Ella was very well behaved.  She ate a lot of snacks that I brought. I can't believe how much she ate.  Then she fell asleep on the way home. As soon as we got home, we all left go to go lunch. Dave had wanted to go to Jersey Joe's.
Jersey Joe's has some awesome cheesesteaks. Too bad on the second half, I bit wrong or something and the tough roll was a little too much for my jaw to handle. Dave didn't mind because he got extra. Ella had her first cheesesteak too. She loved it. She got some of my extra too.  We also had cheese fries. I didn't leave hungry.
After we got home, I tried to get Ella to nap and she wouldn't.  So then we went to a meetup at the park. Ella's buddy Gio was going so I knew she'd have fun.  She did.  We were in the preschool area this time so there were new things to play with.  Ella started looking tired so I left with her. I didn't wait around. Well then on the way home Ella screamed and cried. Then she fell asleep for 1 minute. It took over 10 minutes to drive .7 miles because of traffic lights and trains. It was so annoying.
Ella crawled under her little table and thought she was stuck. We told her she could get out. She turned and crawled out the side and then felt so happy when she succeeded!

Ella was asleep at 7:21. She was only awake in her crib for 5 minutes.

We watched the Veronica Mars movie. I loved it. I miss that show. I want even more!


  1. Awww Ella driving! Lol! I love it!!! And her little hairbow. She's so big compared to the May posts you've been doing. Such a difference.

    1. I posted the most recent after the May ones just for the best comparison. I'm done with May. I have a lot of June left. Some typed. So many pictures not ready. Some pictures are ready and no post!

      I have pink and turquoise headbands but lack in my matching. Then I have white and black. White was the easiest for me to match but barely put her in that. Then I have the ones you got her but they look so big on her little head. I put her in some sometimes but they don't last long now that she's more aware.

  2. I don't personally think it's a bad thing to let kids stay in their crib or whatever if they're awake. :) Just saying. Neil often is awake in the morning while Dave gets ready for work. And on the weekend sometimes we leave him in there even though he's awake. He's not fussing or anything and sometimes he does fall back asleep and we're still sleeping. LOL. I don't know if I'll get judged for that and I AM worried about the transition to a toddler bed and what will happen there. We do get him when he's definitely awake and/or crying. But if the baby seems fine I don't think it's a bad thing either, necessarily.

    1. She was cryig. We just can't hear from our bedroom. So she is unhappy in there crying. So that's different than being awake and ok with it. Sometimes after naps she's awake and pleasant and even talking. So those times I might finish what I'm doing.