Monday, October 20, 2014


First day I was below pre-pregnancy weight. It was only by .1 lb.  Now I have the 12 to lose back to my "normal" before I gained weight when I was lazy all the time last fall.

We went to the mall. I didn't even go in a single dressing room. There are too many choices and nothing even looks that good.

We went to BJ's for lunch. Ella has never been so happy at a restaurant. She got the boy behind us in trouble a lot. He wouldn't stay seated and eating. He kept leaning over the back to talk to Ella. When we were about to leave, I turned her sideways in her booster seat so I could reach some stuff that fell on the floor. She kept trying to hug him. He kept talking to her and getting yelled at. Poor kid.  There were 2 kids at the table. The dad was flipping out at the waiter that his salad was delivered before the macaroni and cheese for the sons.

We got home and I nursed Ella then we went to sleep. She fell asleep and I half fell asleep in the rocker. I put her in the crib, then went to bed myself. I woke up when Dave told me we had an awake baby. She wasn't crying but was awake. I was in the wrong part of my sleep cycle and did not want to wake up. It was rough.

We played a bit.  I fed Ella peas. She was back to being the good eater that she was. She was letting me feed her without grabbing every spoonful. I'd just ask her if she wanted peas and she's laugh and open her mouth for me. We ate leftovers for dinner.

We watched Big Brother and The Blacklist. We are still about 5 episodes behind on The Blacklist.

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