Monday, October 6, 2014


 I ran with the mom group. Since Monday was a holiday I scheduled it on Wednesday. There were 4 of us. There could have been 7 but 3 people had to cancel. 7 would have been a lot.

 We were hanging out on the blanket. Ella was so pleasant. At one point I could see in her mouth and her gums were all white. I thought it was a tooth but after further inspection there was no tooth yet. A few minutes later, Ella started crying. She probably didn't like that I messed with her mouth.

Ella wouldn't nap.

Finally she napped at 2. But our park meetup starts at 2. We are always late but this would have been really late. It ended up being 4:20 when we went. We could have gotten there a little earlier but I thought we just wouldn't go. But we went.

We didn't leave until 5:45 or so. That stupid drive home sucked. Crossing the railroad tracks takes forever. I hate the lights. It took me over 10 minutes to drive home.
When I got home, Dave was assembling the bicycle trailer. We hung out with him a bit. Ella distracted him. He didn't get it actually connected to my bike before we knew we had to go in and feed Ella so she had time to eat before bed. She still went in late. I tried to tell Dave not to preheat the oven for our dinner yet but he didn't listen. So of course that meant dinner was ready while I was nursing Ella and by the time I was done mine was cold.  It would have been worse if I didn't delay putting the food in the preheated oven. Ugh.  I'm sick of cold food or not even being able to finish eating. This is probably why I'm almost 5 lbs under my prepregnancy weight (but still above my old normal so don't start saying i'm too skinny or anything). I keep not being able to finish eating and that helps me lose weight.  It will probably be years before I can eat without distractions or disruptions. It's much harder to feed Ella purees and eat at the same time. I like to give her food she can feed herself then I eat myself right near her.  She prefers to feed herself too.

Dave and I used our computers, watched TV, then I played solitaire in bed while he did some stuff on his laptop.


  1. There was a time between the ages of 1 and 2 where Tanner and I fed Parker dinner early, then once he was in bed for the night we ate our dinner together. We'd sometimes eat as late as 9 though. So it caused some problems because then I was starving or I'd have to snack beforehand. Still it was great to eat a meal without interruption. Now that Parker is older it's much easier to eat as a family every night. However we do still have disruptions if Parker needs something or is acting picky and throws a fit.

  2. I don't think it's as bad for us but I will say that dinner isn't always super warm- we let it cool down for Neil because he doesn't know how to not put hot things in his mouth and by the time he's eating our food isn't that warm. ;) I don't have any advice but I know it can be really hard to try to plan out dinner and timing. It will get better, nursing won't be AS often. The first year is definitely the hardest for that.

    1. It is hard to eat hot and have food cool down for Ella.