Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Exercise

I didn't run as many times this month but I had longer runs!

I increased my goal from 30 miles to 36 and hit 52.88 miles!  Now early in runs it takes longer to get in the groove but I can keep going. I've also gotten faster without a stroller. I only ran 1 time this month without a stroller. I really want to do it more but I can never make it happen.  I got sick at the end of the month or I would have had even more miles.  October will be tough to meet my goal because of starting the month sick and then traveling so I won't update my goals at all.

I ran one time over 6 miles and Ella didn't like it so much. She didn't like being in the stroller so long and she even had a nap.

I went on a few walks. Actually quite a few. I half walked Dave to work a lot. I also half walked to work to meet him and walk home with him a lot. I don't write on my calendar anymore but I try to document it in Strava. I dead lift Ella a lot. I also carry her a lot but I haven't actually lifted weights for a workout.

How have your workouts been?

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