Saturday, November 22, 2014

10.13 and 10.14

Ella slept in until almost 7 because she was up so late.  We got ready for our run and headed out. Beth and I met early. We took a little longer to get there with traffic so ran 1.5 miles instead of 2.  Then we went to meet people at 9. Everyone was late. Someone showed up at 9:02 but they never even RSVPed. Then 9:10 and 9:20 and 9:22 for the others. We were supposed to meet at 9. We were walking circling the parking lot waiting.  We didn't just get started since so many were late. Also the trail is partially closed so I was not sure how to direct them to go to meet up.

We ran together to start. This was the first time we split up. I stayed with 2 others and 2 people ran faster.  Then since it was out and back the 2 were coming back at us. But I wanted to run more to hit a specific goal for the day so I ran .4 more and ran back the rest myself.

We sat on the blankets for over an hour. I could have gone to a pool party after but I didn't want to. I hadn't packed and knew I'd be stressing out.

After I got home, I worked on packing and taking care of Ella. Dave was home so I got to shower. Everything took so long. Packing is difficult. I had a to pack list but never looked at it.  We finished packing around 8 PM and Marie arrived around 8:15 to head to the airport.

We all drove in our car. Marie had her daughter Clara.  Then Marie drove our car home after. It's nice not to spend a fortune parking a car at the airport.

I was so stressed out about the traveling.

We got to the airport and checked our bag and our carseat. That was much easier than I expected. Then we had to go through security. That was easier too. For some reason our line didn't make us take off our shoes or remove our jackets. It was just all around easier. I could see the other line and they had to. I almost think we were in the TSA Pre line but we had asked getting in line and it was the normal one so I have no idea.  It did take a few minutes because they had to hand inspect the stroller and had to run the pumped milk through a machine.

Then we headed to our gate. We had some time.  By this point I was less stressed.  We got water and changed Ella's diaper. Then we waited.  I had the window seat and Dave had the aisle seat. Nobody was in the middle seat. That was awesome because there were only 2 empty seats in the economy plus and one was in our row.

Ella was so awake. She was so excited. She kept squealing.  Last time we flew, she was asleep at home before we left but not this time.  She went to sleep at 11:20. She didn't sleep straight through. She was a bit restless. I slept about an hour and a half. Dave slept a couple minutes.   Ella didn't sleep soundly so that's why I couldn't sleep. She would have flipped off of me. She even went from lying down to sitting and folded in half a few times.

I brought pumped milk so I had some to start off with at my parents and in case Ella wanted a lot while flying and I wasn't producing that much. Ella didn't need any on the flight. Dave had the cooler under his legs but had it sideways and half the milk leaked out! We didn't know until we landed. The cooler was pretty soaked. It's a bummer to lose the milk.

We were supposed to get a Malibu for our rental car but they had 2 choices when we got there. Dave chose the minivan over the compact car. At least he fits but it will have awful gas mileage.

The ride home sucked because the traffic at Green Tree was basically not moving.  Ella did nap on the way home.

I wanted to nap when I got home but I had to be near a tired Ella.

Ella would nurse and play but not nurse and sleep. Dave slept for 6 hours. I was so tired. Ella was so cute. I just couldn't seem to leave her or she freaked out.

She would fall asleep on me but as soon as I'd get up to put her in the crib she'd wake up and start freaking out.  Around 3 PM, I finally couldn't take it anymore and tried to put her in the crib awake. That did not end well.

Finally around 5 we went for a walk. After a mile she fell asleep. Then we put the stroller in the living room and she slept for about an hour. Yay.  she barely slept at all but that was nice.

She nursed after and kept falling asleep but if I'd move she'd wake up.  We were heading to dinner so we left even though she was cranky. She almost fell asleep in the car on the way but didn't.  She was extremely happy at dinner so I was happy. She had some of her snacks, crackers, sauce bread, and pizza soup.

After we got home, she played for a little and then I thought it was time for bed.  We went upstairs to get ready but she got awake so we went back downstairs.

We put on an old dress of mine that my mom made. Ella was cute in it.

Then Ella played and ate with Timmy. Finally it was time for bed.  She fell right to sleep. She woke up on the way to the crib but still went to sleep.  I'm worried about how different baby monitors don't work so I hope everything goes well.


Ella got up on the stool to get things off the table

The dress my mom made

I took way more pictures but for some reason they never uploaded so here you have limited choices.


  1. That dress could use some whitening. I'll work on that, sew some new elastic in the sleeves, and bring it out to you.

    1. I didn't even l know there was elastic in the sleeves

  2. I love the picture on the plane. So I've found that with families they do tend to put you in the preferred lines. I'm not sure why. But I guess kids are not required to take their shoes off so they also extend that to the parents. It doesn't ALWAYS happen but it has happened to us more than once. I never take off Neil's shoes- that seems to be universal. Doing the faster security line seems to be dependent on the workers there.

    1. Well nobody had to take their shoes off on the way from SFO to Pittsburgh but on the way home everyone did. And Ella didn't have shoes so no idea if she would have had to take them off.